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Faast Mmori is a product from Sahel Grains

In operation since '09: Sahel Grains.

We make pre-fermented corn and cassava products for the preparation of the Ghanaian traditional dishes. Smooth, so no need to sieve, allowing your family to benefit from all the nutrients. Healthy, hygienic, and natural

  • Faast Mmori Koko - Corn Dough.

  • Faast Mmori Banku - Corn + Cassava Dough.

Kwame Boateng

CEO, Sahel Grains

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Mmori Koko

Premium pre-fermented Corn dough for the preparation of the traditional Ghanaian corn-meal porridge, koko

Mmori Banku

Premium pre-fermented Corn & Cassava dough for the preparation of the traditional Ghanaian dish banku.

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We offer delivery services on time and efficient of our products, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.


To cater to the needs of our customers, faastmmori offers bulk supplies of high quality dough.

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