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Get to Know Sahel Grains

Sahel Grains is an agribusiness based in Ghana, West Africa. We use modern, safe, and healthy food processing methods to produce traditional West African foods in convenient packaged sizes, under the FAAST brand name, with grains (and other raw materials) sourced from thousands of smallholder rural farmers.

  • Vision

    To make African foods more convenient and healthier while maintaining its delicious traditional taste.

  • Misssion

    We achieve this by applying modern, safe, and healthy food processing methods.


Sahel Grains takes great pains to ensure a sustainable process for all its food based products. Beginning from the production of raw material and following through to the retail shelf, Sahel grains employs meticulous care and process to bring the highest standard products to our customers.

Smallholder support

Sahel grains offers various forms of farmer support to currently over 5,000 farmers. Support services include training, land preparation, planting, fertilizer subsidies and other equipment. Our smallholders produce naturally sun-dried maize.

Factory Process

  • Cleaning

  • Ingredients once harvested are taken through a five stage cleaning process to remove all foreign material, aflatoxins and to select only the best grains possible for preparation. The water used in the process goes through 6-stages of filtration, including reverse osmosis this ensures the optimum quality for standard is maintained throughout the process.

  • Milling

  • International standard, food grade grinding plates are used in our flour mills to ensure only the finest consistency to our corn and cassava flour.

  • Mixing and packaging

  • Mmori dough is mixed and fermented to precise requirements before bagged and vacuum packed to ensure a longer shelf life and convenience. Product is tested continually through the process by quality control agents who ensure the line produces to consistent specification. Our Banku and Koko mmori retains the local flavor and a perfect taste from each delivered pack. This is the FAAST WAY!

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