Faastmmori is now on ShopRite!

Customers at ShopRite can now enjoy the delicious taste of our high-quality packaged corn dough products for their traditional Ghanaian corn-meal porridge, Koko, and corn+cassava dough for the traditional Ghanaian dish Banku, as they have been added to the store's shelves. Here's what you need to know about this exciting news:

Increased Access

With the addition of faastmmori products to ShopRite's inventory, customers now have increased access to these authentic and delicious products. This also provides an opportunity to introduce our brand to a wider audience, potentially leading to increased sales and brand recognition.

High-Quality Standards

ShopRite is known for its commitment to high-quality products, and faastmmori products are no exception. The store's strict standards ensure that customers are receiving only the best products, which aligns perfectly with your own commitment to quality and authenticity.

More Convenience

Having them available at ShopRite provides added convenience for customers who already love our products. They can now easily purchase our products while doing their regular grocery shopping, eliminating the need to go to a separate store or market.

Overall, this is great news for faastmmori and corn dough lovers. With increased access, high-quality standards, and added convenience, the availability of your products at ShopRite is sure to be a success.